His Punishment

Oh, my love, you are softly crying in your corner as I write, your delectable bottom is criss crossed with the marks of my punishment. The lovely little fat is bulging out from between the tightly bound rope. Hoe I love to nibble those little parts of you. Shall I tell the people about how we got to this point? Darling, do you want me to tell our readers how I punished you tonight? I think I will, Crawl over here and watch me type in all the wonderful things I did to you. Are you ready my yummy yum yum?

It started out as it usually does, I bathed you well after all the cleaning out we did, you know I must have you sparkling clean and empty for me. We proceeded to the room, you on all fours as I require and me in my black latex corset. The one that had openings for all my lovely areas. My thigh high. super tall, stiletto heel boots clicking on the floor. My vanity was cleared of make up so I could place all of my tools at the ready. I had you place your face on the floor and raise your bottom in the air. I used my wide paddle to prepare you with a volley of hard sharp blows. You moaned and I smiled, you now you are to be silent unless I order it, I know you are anxious for my abuse. I grab a handful of your hair and pull you to your knees. You sneak a peek at me and I slap your face. Oh, you are being so bad tonight. I take the rope and bind you tightly with your arms at your sides. I leave your red bottom untied but I wrap the end of the rope around your erection and your um....friends. Once you are just as I want I take my largest vibratos and hold in front of your face. You whimper because you know what I want. I grab your hair again and you open your mouth. I shove it inside you and you gag when it hits your throat. I use it to **** your face until I see a tear roll down your cheek. I bend down and lick the tear from your face, holding it on the tip of m y tongue. I kiss you deeply before standing back up. I put one leg on the bed and you almost fall as you bury your face in my wetness, you lap and lap awkwardly at it. I push you back and slap you again, I want your to lick it in only one spot, no other. I let you try again and this time I feel the tip of your tongue massaging the right spot. I only let you for a few minutes because I know how you love it. I push you back until you are laying on your back I marvel at the hardness I see before me. When I kneel between your legs your hips thrust at me, but I move back. I pull your legs up in the air and spread them wide. I see the panic in your eyes when you see that I still have the vibrator in my hand. I smile at you as I cruelly force it inside you. I push it in as far as it will go. You gasp loudly and I start to pump it fast and deep. I pump and pump and pump as fast as i can until my arms begin to ache. I can hear you trying to stifle your sobs and it excites me. I order you to hold it in and I leave you there as I stand and go to the vanity. I choose a thin, small leather whip and I return to my place. I slowly run the whip along the length of your erection and the rest. I grab your erection and begin to stroke it as I apply the first firm lash on your bound, "friends" I stroke and stroke your erection as I unleash a torrent of quick lashes on your friends. I tell you to moan and you do. I release your erection but I continue the lashing. I tell you to thank me and you obey in a broken voice. I move my lashing up along your erection and to your belly. I lash at your bulges between the rope as I work my way up to your nipples. I lash them as hard as I can, but only once on each one. I fall on then and use soothe then with my mouth. I sit on you and I can feel your erection tapping me as if wanting to enter. I smile at you as I raise up and let only the tip enter. You buck under me trying desperately to get it further in, but I move away leaving it glistening from it's small allowance. I pull you back onto you knees and I sit on the bed. Tears are flowing freely from your eyes now and I remind you to keep the vibrator inside you. I kiss you again this time with passion. I break the kiss and gently guide your face to my breast. I let you suckle and lick them until I am about to go crazy. I pull away and lay back opening my legs. You bury your face in and I let you lick me to your hearts content. Your tongue travels to every part on me even as far back as it can reach, I let you. I know you are struggling because you can't use your arms and you are holding in the vibrator. You clamp on to my clitoris and suck it till I am climaxing. I let it wash over me and then roll away leaving you face down in the bed. I get my strap on in place and I remove the vibrator. replacing it with my strap on. I **** you wildly, slapping your red bottom as I pump in and out of you while you moan and groan beneath me. I go on until my thighs are tight and I can no longer go. I rip off the strap on and roll you onto your back. Your face is red and sweaty. I climb on you and begin to ride you, beneath me you buck and push trying to get as deep inside as you can. I grind into you one hand rubbing my nipple the other balancing me on your chest. I can see by your face that you are about to explode, I jump off and push your hardness against your bell just as it is shooting out. I watch it spurt across your chest and onto your face. I scoop up what I can and rub it on your face and lips. I roll you over on to your belly and you crawl up to where I am sitting. I open my legs and you begin to lick, I take my longer whip and I lash as far as I can reach while your tongue takes me to climax again and again. Now I have untied you and here we are. I will make you sleep with the debris of our fun on your face. Tonight you will sleep on the floor with the plug inside you and the gag in your mouth. Maybe then you will learn to obey me, maybe then................good night dears, I hope you enjoyed my story.
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I'm hard. Thank you.