New Mom - Emotional Wreck!

I just gave birth a few days ago to a little boy. I have been a total disaster the past few days. I cry for no reason, and I worry way to much. I can't sleep at night because I want to make sure he is okay while he sleeps. I cried when they did his circumcision, I felt so sorry for him. I have a lot of mommy guilt. He pooped and it got everywhere(even on his hands) and I cried thinking I am the worse mom ever. I look at him and it melts my heart and I cry almost everytime I feed him. I'm also worried something will happen to I cry over that. My hormones are crazy! Any advice?
missbrittanywv missbrittanywv
2 Responses Aug 8, 2010

Hi love...i was the exact same...every other day i was at the docs worrying over cry alot of the time too...being a new first time mum can be stressful and overwhelming...i still cry sometimes now even n my little one is over 2 months will get easier...try to relax a bit n give him all ur time and to him it will make u feel betta...but do relax and know that ur the best thing in his life...ur his mum n hw loves u very much..he will be telling u this before u knw it...sing to him...remember that everything happens for a reason and what is meant to everyday as it comes being a mum is hard...i knw..

I'm sure that every mother must feel this way in the beginning. I would try talking to a Doula to get some calm, practical advice to get more comfortable with motherhood and see your ob/gyn soon to make sure you don't have postpartum depression. Take care.