Stereotypical ?

I seem to be a stereotypical firstborn in that I am a perfectionist and am ambitious. 

I am curious... are there any firstborns that are the opposite?

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I am a perfectionist but I am not ambitious. I'm more a "hide in the corner and hope noone notices kind of person". I am much more open to failure and just accept that my life could be an absolute disaster. I tend to think of the worst case scenario- for example if the printer won't work and I have an assignment to give in- I'll think that I won't get it in, then I will have a bad grade so I won't be allowed at any school because I'll seem a failure then I'll have no job because I didn't get an education then I'll be homeless and die of a horrible disease.
I tend to stress about things a lot.

I'm also perfectionist and ambitious and a firstborn. There are many factors that could affect how some people become one type and others a different type. But I truly believe that birth order can affect your personality.

I am not the opposite. Sorry to be of no help. I am trying to think of someone who isn't but I cannot think of anyone.<br />
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Interestingly, I have always noticed that the overwhelming majority of my friends tend to be first born. I do not know if it has anything to do with stereotypes (which I believe in) but I have always thought that it was kind of telling.

I'm not really ambitious, but there are other circumstances in my life that would affect that other than birth order..<br />
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I am a perfectionist though..

i don't know the stereotypicals about firstborns but if you say that they are ambitious and perfectionists then ... i think i AM the opposite cause i'm neither ambitious nor a perfectionist. :)