This Group Is For Me

Wow - what a nice surprise to run across this group. I hate the assumptions people make on fit or "fat". First off, I have always been curvy and always been active. I was in every sport imaginable in high school and college, and my current passion is running. I run 10-20 k per day, 5 days per week. I can't stand still and I exercise at home all the time. I eat right, and have no real bad habits save for coffee. But I am not a stick, never been one, and never will be. I have a little waist and big hips and thighs and always will. I have never in my adult life been smaller than size 12. I get comments like "wow, with all that running you'd think you would be tiny," something snotty like that. Or get this, I am running and someone says, "wouldn't think you'd be able to do that.' I just want to punch them in their arrogant, know it all, skinny girl faces. I am way more fit than most women 1/2 my age and 1/2 my size. I am built for stamina. I am proud to say I have yet to find a man who wears me out - most of them can't keep up with me. My whole family is this way and they all live to past 85. The only thing I hate is my mommy tummy which I can't seem to get rid of since the kids. I've tried - believe me - it's a stubborn little thing. Other than that, I am pretty comfortable in my own skin. I have a blood pressure of 110/68 and a resting pulse of 58. So what if I am not a size 2?
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41-45, F
2 Responses Jan 7, 2013

You sound lovely. I happen to think the definition of a woman falls in line with the way you describe your looks. Keep up the great work and to hell with the others and their comments.

You sound hot. We all deal with jerks. Mean people suck.