I have an internet stalker who looooooves me to death. She likes to make videos about me, pages about me, fake profiles with my name and photos and on it goes. She thinks that calling me "Candle" because she knows my real name is TOO AWESOME for her, is insulting to me. Really, it's pretty hilarious, because I am a hot, fiery, awesome, red-headed woman and she's just mad that she can't extinguish this flame with her tsunami of jealousy. I'm Cindell and I love myself enough to not stalk and harass other women on the internet. Over and out!

Cindell Cindell
26-30, F
1 Response Aug 31, 2014

That's a video tribute by her... about how much I love myself. I guess it's supposed to be insulting. . not really. I did love the many others though, where she insinuated I care about her life other than laughing at her TRYING to bring me down!