I Love It!

I am a flirt but a harmless flirt. To lean over to the pretty girl standing next to me and say "my god you have the most beautiful eyes" is a temptation I can not resist. I often ask young ladies, how old are you? Followed by, I would have guess you at 30 not 40! When out and about with friends I love to say, Wow, you look wonderful tonight! I would have to say what fuels this need to be flirtatious is the smiles and winks I receive in return. And on occasion, that unmistakable eye contact that seems to last way too long. I simply love it!
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The beautiful woman is speechless. She is thrilled to be in good company.<br />
She looks down at her drink and wonders to herself, "what is this? and what is in it?"<br />
She brings the glass to her lips, and takes a small taste... "mmmmm, not bad."<br />
Another one of these and the night could end up like a country love song....... ;-)

The beautiful woman invites Danghi to join her for dinner ;-)

An offer no mortal man could refuse, he sits down by the Beautiful Woman and orders her a Mint Julep, a Scotch for himself. The dimly lit table offers a spectacular view of the city below but he eyes wonder no further then her smile, a sweet smile.

Wink. <br />
Blows Danghi a kiss from across the room.

danghi catches the kiss and walks over for a closer look at this stingingly beautiful women.

Oh, I miss getting flirted with! It's nice to hear there are men out there who still do.

My you look lovely tonight! wink.....wink

*Wink* <br />

My god you have the most beauitful eyes!

Ha! It's a reverse reaction taking place!

And what lovely hair!

and I look wonderful tonight- I knw it!
How old r u ? = ))

Well I told you I love to flirt! I just can't help it. Oh and I almost forgot to say how wonderful you look tonight. lol

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