Flirting For Fun Only

I wasn't sure what I could write about this, it's just a fact about me. I flirt with everyone, men, women, although the latter not in a sexual way of course. I like people to feel good about themselves and a bit of harmless flirting is usually a good way to achieve that. I will say to a woman, your hair is soft and shiny or you are a warm and bubbly person always nice to be around. You can always find good qualities in everyone and I think hearing it does people good.
I like to have fun and I often flirt with men in a harmless way. Of course if ever I thought my attention wasn't wanted, if it made people feel uncomfortable. I would stop but most people enjoy it I think.
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What's the difference then between flirting and just being nice? What you described is, to me anyway, just being nice. I'm generally liberal with compliments when I believe they are deserved.<br />
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But, I'm also a flirt. Sure, it's gotten me into trouble a few times, but for the most part, it's been more good than bad. I've always considered flirting to be something that implies some type of sexual overtone. Am I too myopic?

I think flirting can be more than just sexual, I think of it as behaving in a certain calculated but not cold way in order for you to obtain certain behaviour or things in response. I guess I see it as very obviously being "nice" or very obviously being sexual in your behaviour.

I do it too. It's one of the ways I can keep my sanity, and make someone feel good at the same time, while reminding them that I do genuinely care for them.

I love to be flirted with and flirt!

Sure, it's fun if nothing else :o)

Sounds like you are a really nice person roberta! I'm sure you get along very well and make friends very easily.<br />
This is something I'd like to improve myself. I am not a very friendly person, not at first sight at least. I'm a bit shy, but people gets the impression I am just distant or proud. Just after some time I'm able to compliment someone.

Try to make it a goal to find the good thinks in people, I think it makes it easier to comunicate when you can see that. I found with the fostering, I've had to be in meetings with childrens parents and they are on the edge of society with little self esteem, it shocks the hell out of them when I pay them a compliment and it makes those kind of dealing easier :o)

Thankyou :o)

Where I come from they call this complementing...<br />
What do you define as flirting? Don't read this in the wrong way, but I think you do this to gain attention and confidence for yourself, and you also want to be complemented sometimes. Am I close to the truth?

Yes, of course it makes me feel good and it does give me confidence when someone flirts back. It's all flirting in my view, it doesn't always have to be the playing with hair, eye lash batting and sexual innuendos to be effective. Making people feel good generally gets you what you want too, whether that is attention of something else. I don't see harm in that.

doesnt sound like flirting. sounds like you are a nice person

Well thankyou.. are you flirting with me lol? :o)

I haven't really thought much about it to be honest Roberta ... but I suppose I am like this too. All harmless fun though!

Yes. You just have to understand when it's acceptable and with whom :o)

absolutely so.