If You Want 2 Flirt... I'm Here

I'm the master of flirting and teasing. I always like a challenge, fun and it can get quite hot. I mess with guy's mind without even knowing. LOL It's easy, and you can get quite cheeky too... Now WHO THINKS IS BETTER THEN ME! Next think you know you'll be begging me to flirt with you. HEHE

Oh well you see that's the kind of girl I am. COMMENT!
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13 Responses Nov 10, 2012

I love woman's clothing

My what a sexy little thing and such confidence in her flirting skills too, but truth be known girl you never been flirted with as good as I could flirt with your sexy ***! Ill flirt you so hard you won't be able to flirt with anyone else for a week, lol! Add me so I can see your pics??

I wanna flirt with You, Toilet Brush. I wanna see if I can make You Blush.
And if I do, Toilet Brush, You have to *** clean, and tell about the Blush.
You have to tell if You got just a little bit warm, and if You got a little damp.
That's quite a tight sweet tush you're showing us, quite a sweet little ***.
I need to bite it a little bit, just a nibble here and there, and oh a big long lick.
You know I like to lick. You know how I nibble. You know I wanna suck YOU.
I want You all the way inside my mouth, I wanna drink your jucies.
Come sit right down upon my face. Now, Ligitly move around and Grind.
Grind Your Sweetness into my mouth. And really Try to Smash my nose.
Put Your jucies on my lips and toungue. Put Your Sweetness on my face.
Stay just like that all night long. Keep climbing up where You belong.
Now I think You're hot n' wet. Now I think You're ready. Now when You
tell me to put it, "For God's Sake, Just Put It In." or "I can't wait anymore."
Say it. Then. I'll know You really want me, and I'll make You say my name.
Then I'll know it's me You want. Then I'll know You want me.
Then I'll Gladly Give You My Heart. And I'll be Yours to keep.

Yeah put me down for a go with you!!

'the master of flirting'.. surely you mean the Mistress. Would you rather by my Mistress or have me be your Master?

I'd love to flirt with you:)
Add me please?

Hmmm... ;)

Flirty flirt flirt
wink wink

i love your profile can u add me

Enlighten me how you do such a thing?

well i like women who enjoy flirting too and with passion in mind with pleasures too....

We men are *****. So that's pretty easy.

Mmmm i'd love to tease and flirt with you baby. You're so cute and sexy. I'd love to have you make a mess with my head :)