Flirty Little Me.

i'm such a huge flirt that i don't even realize that i'm doing it.

one day my boyfriend and i went to a friends house to chill and hang out. we were throwing back a few beers, smoked some bowls, and we bounced, but when we left he was SO mad at me for flirting with our friend. he said that i was giving him "the look" and dancing too much to the inappropripriate music was playing and of course, i had no idea.

so my man, being the way he is, took a video camera out with us one night and just video taped me and the way i acted around people. to my surprise, it did kinda look like flirting, but i thought i was just being nice. geez. i never thought being a nice person would get me into so much trouble.

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4 Responses Jun 22, 2007

Be who you are. If that means you're a natural flirt, then find a guy who appreciates that in a woman, and forget about guys who aren't confident enough to handle who you really are.

I honestly think there is nothing wrong with what your doing, you are allowed to flirt a bit with other people. If you love your man, he knows you love him. But ofcourse don't go to far. But jealousy sometimes comes to mind, when a man sees you flirting with somebody else. Be yourself, a man shouldn't tell you can't dance to this and that. He should rather dance with you and flirt with you back or joke around when you are flirting. Trust is a great thing.


I would encourage you to flirt. I'm not insecure and it turns me on to watch "you" do it...