Huge Flirt!

I love to flirt! Especially when I am drinking..I'll flirt with anyone...
SteelCityGirl74 SteelCityGirl74
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I can flirt every girl everywhere, and everytime if i want i get her...but Im natural without some tricks or prepared jokes and conversation...everytime im different and i can go through the feelings of a girl make her smile, laugh, deeply think and woke up inside her that WANT....

I'm more of a suspicious flirt

I admit, I flirt with LIMITATION.

I love to flirt. It can be so much fun. I had a girlfriend and we used to flirt back and forth it would make the guys hot. They wanted to flirt and jon the party.

I used to do it alot with guys especially when i am drinking. Nowadays i like to channel it on my girlfriends. It is more sexy. And it turns guys on instantly! But i think i might be scaring some of my girlfriends. LoL

i'm SO the same way...2 shots of Jack Daniel's and I'm MUCH Flirtier than i am sans

I am available to flirt with between the hours 9 to 4 daily.

People think I am flirting when I am not, just because I am friendly, and I smile alot...if I am flirting...then it is very obvious, because I am not very good at it. I wish I was, though. I told this opne customer she looked like Kyra Sedgewick and she was all gritty, in overalls with paint on her face. Now, she always comes through my line, and is so sweet and, I would say flirty but I think probably just feeling good about herself because I said she looked like Kyra Sedgewick...

i also love to flirt. it's when they stop lookin or paying attention you got to worry lol are so right!!

i do as well, however, the worst is flirting with your brother's bestfriend, or an ex. the next day is "OHHHHH NOOOOO."