What Can I Say...i'm a Friendly Girl

I love flirting...with men and with women! It's not necessarily a sexual thing. It could be something as simple as teasing that super shy guy from the mailroom about having new glasses and thinking he's Clark Kent to commenting on how my friend's new top makes her breasts look great! I just enjoy interacting with people...I'm not satisfied with just the casual good morning or head nod...no, I have to make sure the drive thru guy at McDonald's knows that it's me again and that I appreciate how he puts extra chocolate on the whipped cream of my iced mocha!

terrys1girl terrys1girl
46-50, F
2 Responses Feb 19, 2009

You make me laugh! I love how you can make anything sound sexual if you're that kind of person! My friend at work just got married and her new name sounds like a **** star name...so we're all making up **** movies she could star in based on our field (workers compensation insurance)...such as "Open My Claim"..."Alpha Split" (how we divide files by alphabetical order).....

Happy to put that extra lil dollop of whipped cream on your smooth mocha any time, TG ... you just give me the nod... ;o)