It's always so hard to find balance in our confusing world full of temptation... I am in a relationship with a loving man who is providing a pretty nice lifestyle to me. We have similar goals and values and I truly do love him and feel like he is my copilot in many things. Recently I have been talking with a friend of mine. There was always chemistry between us but we were never able to act on it. We hung out the other day and talked pretty openly for the first time about all of that. I did express to him that I would feel guilty acting on those feelings and that I do love my bf. He basically respects anything that I decide, he is a great friend. So here's the thing. Why am I feeling temptation? How do you ever know what is right and what is wrong? I just don't understand why we live in a world where are relationships are so black and white and there are such set rules. Can one person really fulfill ALL of our needs?
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No. Each friend fits a different part of our personalities. In a perfect world, we could love each according to those unique levels and possibilities. It sucks that most people are jealous.

So let's be like aminals ... let's live in a jungle, let's sleep with anyone, let's live in anarchy ... be not human.

We are all different. Some people can say no and some of us can't.

add me lets flirt more.........