How do I know that I'm a flirt? Well, I do get myself into a little bit of trouble when I tend to compliment a lady friend heartfully, open up a sudden conversation with a fellow female shopper at the hosiery counter, make the young girl at the check out smile doing what so ever, etc. I just adore to make a fellow traveler, always a woman, old or young, feel good about themselves. There're indeed friends who can testify to the fact that when I'm drunk, well, I'm much more "friendly". Not that I ever do anything improper, I'm just way too flirtatious. One frequent topic of discussion is lingerie and my love for it. The invite to shop for some new elegant lingerie items, or rather a share in the very pleasant feeling whilst trying everything out, is then soon coming. Anyone game?
ValR ValR
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4 Responses Aug 23, 2014

mmmm I like that !

wanna be with you in lingere shop two ladies together flirt with young and old womans ,,amazing

So what was the true story

I live when someone really knows how to flirt. I certainly do ;)