I Can't Behave Online

I'm a huge flirt, but it's mostly online. I flirt with co-workers, girls on MySpace, it doesn't matter. I've been busted about it a few times. The wife just doesn't understand that it's just fun to flirt and I'm not going to act on it. MySpace is blocked from my work Internet so I guess that's slowed me down a bit. It's so hard not to flirt!
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That’s funny; I was getting in trouble for flirting on the internet also. I get around too much trouble by flirting with my husband via texting on the phone. I send Risqué pictures and remind him how much I love him. He understands it is all in fun but turnabout is fair play.

is nothing wrong with flirt until you single<br />
<br />
Are you? <br />
other way get divorce!!!

awwww and here i thought i was your only online gf...you Venezuelans/scooter boys are all the same... ;P

Flirting makes me feel alive, and it's a great way to forget all my worries and just remember what it's like not to have a care in the world and just be glad to be alive.

I wish I could talk to your wife to reassure her. My husband is a terrible flirt, it's just part of his personality, in fact I swear it's in his genes, his 83-year-old father still does it. Just instinctively. I have never minded my husband's way, he has never once in 3 decades taken it any further, and I trust him implicitly that he wouldn't. But by being this way he's fun for me too, he hasn't turned into a dull old man, it's like having a teenage boyfriend. Keeps us both young.

Nothing wrong with flirting....I'm married too....sometimes it is nice to get attention from those who aren't bound to give you attention because of the ring and vows.

muy interesante.. learn to control ur self lol.. <br />
i used to be the same way, like constantly,... but now that i am in love.. i rarely ever do it.. unless i don't realize im doing it