Yes, A Little Couquettish;)

what can i say? if you're hot, im gonna let you know...funny story about that: So Im walking down the street in Soho today with this guy who thinks he's my boyfriend. He's holding my hand(dnt kno why) and we're just laughing and talking when this man, this hunk, this gift from God sent to earth, walks past me and smiles. Not only did I stop and stare, but I yanked my hand away from my "boyfriend" and said at the top of my lungs" Goddam you're sexy!!!!!! Come here!!" He laughed and actually started to walk toward me but my "boyfriend" grabbed my arm and started towing me down the street while the sex on a stick guy is laughing and waving at me struggling to get back to him. I was so pissed. Later on the train home, my "boyfriend" fell asleep and this dude across from me kept giving me the eye so I smiled at him and he motioned for me to come sit by him.......................which I did..........i am so bad! But we had a very nice conversation about a couple movies that were playing and he said he haden't been to see one in a while. I kinda knew where this was going before he said anything so I just asked to see his cellphone and slipped my number in it and went back to my seat. Before he had to get off he gave me a one armed hug and I gave him a little peck on the cheek. He got off the train cheesing like it was his birthday.

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Jan 31, 2010