Florida..my birthplace... my home for so many years...   I was born 30 years ago at Munroe Regional in Ocala Florida. I  knew the swamps  and how to  not be attacked by a rattle snake or gator and what to do if I was. I knew what cow-tipping meant and mudden on a Saturday night.  Hot, muggy  nights in my home town with mosquitoes that were relentless.  Sitting in the back of a pick up truck while my  friends and I hung on while  my buddy did doughnuts out in the muddy swamp. Time stood still. We never thought about the danger  we just drank our beer and enjoyed the ride.  I was born on a ranch, you name it and I can do it. We had watermelons in the summer and blackberries that were like sweet candy.  Oranges any time one wanted one. I grew up with American natives living along the Silver River. I hve seen catfish bigger than your truck tires. I have touched a gator while swimming, I ran my hand along his back. He was about a five footer. I have been too close to a moccasin. I have enjoyed the summer breeze under the palm trees. I will tell you Florida is one of the most beautiful places  one could ever dream of.  Over the years the heat has gotten hotter and hotter. Ah...but I miss it ..I can smell the salt still,  feel the breeze on my sunburnt skin. The ocean, it goes on forever. I love both sides, the east coast and the Gulf... When I die, I wish to be cremated and released in the ocean so at last I can go home. I loved Florida,  I just didn't like the people there. Yankees,  never have a clue about the ways of the land. Mowing down landmarks in a matter of hours. Where a meadow of  daisies and flocks of birds play is a cafe and a gas station. Where Indian bones lay, and treasures of history untold hide in the Florida sand, is just another Walmart. Have you ever seen the swamp in the early morning? The sun shines through the kneeling crape, and the wind blows softly in the palms. Life you have never dreamed of creeps along, undisturbed by humans. My family is along line of bull riders, ranchers, and racers. My dad knew Dale Earnhart personally. Florida is a place of beauty, if it were not for the people would be a part of Heaven. Nothing makes me sicker than to see people try to profit off of this land of the Fountain of Youth. Florida, my Florida....I will go back one day when I can afford to live there....you will find me there fishing off the coast, maybe chasing the swamp gator or floating in the breeze like the butterflies of my home town.

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Ah yes you pegged the reason why so many natives are forced out.

You described the untouched parts of Florida so beautifully, but unfortunatly, they are fewer and fewer each year, but I have a feeling that is changing. Thanks to the government, they are making Florida almost impossible to live in. Florida's cost of living has skyrocketed, and is driving natives and near natives out. I'm a near native. I moved here when I was 7, that was almost 30 years ago.

I think you'll make it.