Aren't We All?

Aren't we all just sacs of fluid roaming the earth?  It's a fragile existence and at any moment we can have our sac compromised and we lose our fluid and no longer roam the earth.  What a shame.  I sure love my fluids and others as well.  Anyone like to exchange fluids with me?  It's a nice way to ensure that other fluid sacs come along and carry on the legacy.  What a proud bunch of sacs we are.
ReformedAutomaton ReformedAutomaton
41-45, M
13 Responses Jun 4, 2007

I'm one of the proudest sacs out there, lemme tell ya!

Oh so very proud indeed :)

It's painful as hell

Having your sac compromised! Man, I hate when that happens!

Sad sacs, aren't we? Slogging around, waving at people, splashing comments everywhere...

We are just a proud bunch of sacs aren't we...forgot about this one! Thanks :)

You are a trip guy! Love ya!

even our backbones are permeated by fluids though...

Well that's exactly what I was going for so I've done my job well :)

i am both intrigued and slighty disgusted by your metaphor sir....good

OMG Emerald you are so funny !

oh my ... heheheheeeeeeeee

I don't know! I know a few "fluid sacs" that their mamas shoulda swallowed!! heheeheee