I Believe In The Holy Trinity, I Am A Christian

I have been a Christian for as long as I can remember. I am from a Christian family on both sides, so have attended church regularly on a Sunday. He knows and I know that day to day I do fall short of feeling like I deserve his grace and mercy so I do pray to him that my shortcomings will be forgiven and that Eternal life is still a possibility for me with the Company of Heaven.

Love, Joy, Peace and Hope are a wonderful thing. Love one another do not let little things drive you apart. Rejoice in what you see around you yes evolution has played a major part in creating the natural world but it all started somewhere with God. Each day try to end it at peace with yourself and the world if you have had an argument do not let it stew overnight. Finally Hope for a place without suffering famine, war and strife where creation accepts each other the Lion and the Lamb. For is that not what paradise is?
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Sep 13, 2012