There's Still Eyeballs In It .....

So I consider myself pretty adventurous, but when I got served a whole chicken with the eyes still in place I was a bit skeptical. Its a Koren type dish. So I'm like alright I'll try it and see where this leads me right. Well it was amazing and you actually eat the eyeballs as well. I tell ya if you can get your mind over it its one of the strangest, yet yummy things you could every try.. if served right. It was fall off the bone, moist, mouth watering meat and then you suck the juice from the eyes. Suprise surprise.. never thumb your nose at something unless you've at least taken a bite.. Your not gonna like it all, but sometimes you acquire a taste for something very adventurous! Good Luck all.
AmothersLOVEconquresALL AmothersLOVEconquresALL
26-30, F
Jul 18, 2010