A Total Junkie

I love to hog onto pizza & burgers & brownies & hash browns & fries & pastas ... umm yummy!!!! Slurrrrrp!!!!  Once I had a burger in my office. The next day I was dying in stomach pain. I was rushed to the hospital, ended up with 3 injections of antacids. Yes...I suffered with collitis for 2 weeks. Whatever I was eating, I would just puke out. It was a horrible nightmare. After that incident I decided not to eat anything in my office.

boond boond
22-25, F
2 Responses Mar 10, 2009

it's hard to go from good greasy food to vegetables but try experimenting with herbs and spices to add flavor. Try not to eat and use too much oil or fatty foods, trim fat and maybe use olive oil or non-stick spray when cooking....

I would suggest you slow down on the food intake. Perhaps try some fruits and veggies.