Just A Fool

Fool for Love
Is what i hated for the years
I've done it
Crying, Sobbing, Dying all over again
but then when i woke up
I told myself that everything is OKAY
Smile and erase the memories
Then plead to that person
Say sorry and do whatever
he ask, be a fool for him,
Be a fool that you created yourself

But why do i have to be a fool
If there is hundreds and thousands of
Men all over the world
He can be replaceable, and others
are deserving to achieve me
But.. Why??
why can't i just leave and move on?

It's just because
i'm a fool for love
blind about betrayal
Forgiving even though the
Pain is hard and tearing me apart
I just said to myself
It's okay..It's OKAY

Then i smile from the outside
And take sadness inside
Be a fool of myself to everybody
Because i'm just a human
i can forgive something
even though it hurts me
Still, Being a fool
made me love someone
and honestly
Even if it hurts...
I think it's worth it

Then somebody in my mind
tells me
that truth really hurts
and lie's worst
But from that,,
i never realized...
i'm still a fool
a fool for love

SecretWriter7 SecretWriter7
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 7, 2013

loved your poem! any chance i could get more of those? its really deep and capturing