Why Did I Even Try?

It was stupid. It was utterly foolish that I could even think I had a chance. I knew it was hopeless. I knew there was nothing I could do. Still, still I pursued it. I hoped. What a fool I was! I knew you didn't feel that way, I knew you would shy away, I knew I was being stupid. Why did I try?

God, I love you so much, though. I love you more than the heat of a thousand suns, more than all the water in the ocean, more than all the stars in the sky, more than I need oxygen, more than Shakespeare could write, more than Galileo knew the stars, more than Da Vinci could paint, more than Michelangelo could sculpt, more than anything. More than anything that ever was. And what's worse, is that I still love you. Even when I know you'll never have me, I still love you. Foolish.

You said you loved me, but not in that way. I loved you anyway. I'm such a fool. I'm such a fool... Why did I even try?
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Jan 11, 2013