My Force

i am a force from the land of oz,am stubborn,strong hearted and very outspoken,the other side of me can be sweet and understanding, that is balanced right down the middle,i do stand up and say what needs to be said,and to take the time to understand the issue at hand

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46-50, F
1 Response Feb 12, 2010

oz from the movie wizard of oz made in the 1940's 1950's somewhere in there ,any way with judy garland was based in kansas land of tornados you may not want to watch it is scary with witches and some violence ask your foster mom,she will know ,nowadays the signs leading into and out of kansas all say welcome to the land of ahs,oz was a very pretty makebelieve land filed with munchkins ,talking lions,talking scarecrow,and a tin man,you can also find in books,i had a aunt dorothy [main character]her dog toto[is a cairn terrior my uncle raised them]and yes i really grew up in kansas and seen several tornados about three miles from our house that is as close as i want to be