But I Never Forget

Am I doing it wrong? I know that part of forgiving is forgetting, but I just can't seem to do that. Maybe what forgetting means is not bringing it up, not using it as blackmail against somebody. I've never done that, so maybe I am doing it right. Either way, I always try my best to forgive. I feel awful if I carry around a grudge. It's an extremely heavy weight, and it feels great when it's lifted off by forgiveness.
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3 Responses May 11, 2012

Forgiving IMO is letting go of the idea that the person who you need to forgive, needs to be punished.

yeah that true if u really forget you need to forget as it will creat space and lack of trust so i think then every forgive is calling trust believe and end with forget.can u please add me to ur circle

like they do say forgive and forget thought sometimes is very difficult to forget, but sincer you have made up your mind to forgive you must as well forget. And you can only experience that joy of forgiveness when you total forget abuot it all as if it never happen, and like they do say two can never walk together except they agree so it's with forgetting and forgiving one can never be complete except both are done.