Unforgiving to the Wrong People.....

I think I am too kind and unforgiving to ppl that hurt and use me.

Even though I know this I still allow them to and try my best to forgive them hoping that they would see that they should not use or abuse anyone or the situation.

I see that this is a destructive pattern.......I dont know why I keep doing this.

I only end up getting dissappointed in ppl and feel hurt.

UnsureAndAlone UnsureAndAlone 26-30, F 2 Responses Jan 21, 2009

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Yeah that is the key......will do just that.

Its just disappointing how people can be that way and then try to make me look as though I am the bad person.

Users are destructive to themselves and the people they are around.

I just need to recognize who is genuine from who is not, but it just gets so fuzzy sometimes, maybe due to me having a kind heart towards all with no pre-conceived judgments.

I guess one time should be enough to figure out who is who......will try to be more careful with who I trust, and who I forgive next time around.

it's all right to forgive. but you must learn to stay away from abusive situations/people.