i used to be anorexic. and its very hard for me to talk about it, because I'm in fear of a relapse as we speak. i was anorexic on and off for about 3 years. i went through the phase of exercising non stop, and got very upset and defensive when friends and family accused me of not eating. i got to the point where i tried to sweat off excess weight to where i would dress in layers sit on top of a heater with blankets and a heating pad on my stomach as high as it could go...i had burns on my stomach for the next week and a half. i went to all expenses to lose weight where i could. I'm 5'6 and weight 110 pounds now. i got down to 93 at one point...but now I'm beginning to feel like I'm fat, and I'm scared I'm going to go back to my old habits, its definitely scary. but I'm going to try to push through it. and i hope that anyone else feeling how i feel will try to push through it too.


sallyjoe25 sallyjoe25
18-21, F
Nov 9, 2009