For Years I Was A Metalhead, But No Longer...

It's early days yet, but I am officially no longer a metalhead.

I discovered the heavy metal genre as a young man of about 15, before which I mainly listened to rap.  I listened to progressively darker and darker music, cutting my teeth on Metallica before progressing to darker, heavier music.  I am 22 as of the time of writing.

I have suddenly had a change of heart on the genre, finding it hard to listen to now.  In particular, I have been bitten by the Japan bug in a big way, and I am finding a new enthusiasm in life through listening to J-Pop.  Metal in the end just started making me depressed (even moreso than usual), and with the final death spasms of any friendly relations with my ex-girlfriend (who wasn't exactly a metalhead, but she liked Marilyn Manson and HIM) I have found new enthusiasm thanks to becoming a J-Fan.

So, hopefully with the change in music comes a change in outlook.  Wish me luck if you will!

KangarusGyrfalcon KangarusGyrfalcon
22-25, M
1 Response Feb 26, 2010