The So Precious Sense Of Wonder

Despite the melancholy that has always inhabited me, I never lost my sense of wonder. I remember as a child, I could show a disproportionate joy when I had a new toy or a new book. And when I compared myself to adults, I saw that the only difference between them and me was this air of disinterest and fatigue that they seemed to display. I concluded that growing up meant not to show we were delighted to laugh and play or discover something new. and there is no exception: all adults I have known in my life act this way. Rare are those who are the exception to the rule. I made ​​the decision to never grow up, always remain a child, no matter what society thinks. When pokemon was fashionable, I was 11 years old, and all my class called me immature, because I spent my time playing my gameboy. Even children are cruel and corrupt, because of brainwashing imposed what modern education. AND let's face it, 11 years, playing pokemon is nothing immature. Playing is not immature at any age. It's essential.
Today I am 24 years old and I've never felt so children all my life. And I hope that this amazing feeling will never leave me. Each new interesting thing I learn unleashes my inspiration, and I'm not ashamed to show it.
I found that being enthusiastic and curious about knowledge being important. I think playing is important, to let yourself being carried by a melody is vital, being moved by a film is essential. Otherwise, we're that old carcass of flesh and bones completely dried by the ravages of time passing.
I wish all of us keep safe that so precious sense of wonder for the rest of our lives.

"Wisdom begins in Wonder" Socrate
blackspirit665 blackspirit665
22-25, M
Jan 23, 2013