I Can Finally Say It In A Story!

I have always known I was not human. I just never knew exactly what I was though. But when I moved to the woods I knew. There would be foxes in my yard and one time one let me pet it. I would always dig holes in the woods as a den. And run around chasing things. Trying to catch them, and playing with dead things. Usually licking them, and my mom would have a cow! I always adored foxes. And I'm constantly writting fictional stories and drawing them. I just know I'm a fox.
Emofox Emofox
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1 Response May 20, 2012

I understand how you feel. I can finally say it in a story. It feels good to get off my chest. I hope others come into this group, but I doubt many will. As I pointed out in my story, people would rather be something cool like a wolf or a bear or whatever. I should start posting my fox art up here in this group. I think the people here will appreciate it more.