I Had A Dream...

I had a dream a year ago that I opened a box in the home of my grandfather. It was a box that had figures for each member of my family.  Inside there were two figures, or maybe totems? One was a white wolf, the other, a red fox. My youngest sister was there with me, so I assumed the little red fox belonged to her, and the white wolf to me. But now it has been about a year, and I am seeing that she is far more wolf like than me, and I am much more fox like than her. I think the whole wanting to be a wolf thing is just ingrained in our culture as being cool. Nobody wants to be the little guy, and neither did I. But what are some characteristics of wolves? They are very social, they are very family oriented, they are very loyal to the people they know. I am actually not any of these things, but sister is, very much so. I am social, sometimes. I like my family, but I wont go insane if one of them moves away or something. I am loyal, to people who are worth my time, which isn't very often. But aside from the dream, I love foxes to death, and I've always thought of them as being magical when I was a kid. So beautiful, so fast, so  cunning. I love everything about them. So, on this day, I am glad to say, I am the fox, and I am comfortable with that. I hope to meet others here who understand. I am not going to say I am literally a fox, but I am certainly fox like, in every way it seems. Love and peace to all other foxes who come into this group.
TwoTails TwoTails
22-25, M
1 Response May 21, 2012

I know how you feel- except i am a wolf spirit. My Best friend is a fox. Go to my page and you will see my story