And Iwill Never Admit This To Someone I Know.

I'm actually incredibly emotionally vunerable, in fact i am vunerable emotionally, socially, financially and many other ways. I never let many people in even those few people that i have known for years still dont know me truly. If people knew how vunerable i really am, i would probably wanna be sucked up by the earth and would feel even more vunerable. I'm not sure if this trait of mine is good or bad but nonetheless its part of me. And i suppose the lucky people who will eventually get to know the real me,will in fact be very lucky and priviledged because i just will not let hardly anyone get to close and you could say i have a serious lack of trust with people which is true. But i value my privacy, probably to a fault. But hey.

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Its kinda smart to keep it to yourself in your familys eyes now that i see that people treat me worse now that they know im fragile they use it against me even sisters can say mean things like its like walking on egg shells and your playing a victim role type commnets began after they realized im not this tough person i was projecting. your right to not trust . I wish i had not told people but i cant imagne how hard that is to keep inside . i nearly ended up suicidal when i held it all in when i was a teen but now im like forget it. i dont trust and i prolly wont tell people as much as i normally do . im sadly an open book it helps me stay real thats the only way i know how to be. So your pretty strong in my eyes

All in your own time Bubblegum if ever.

I am also this way. I try to hide it because I have children and I need to kind of be like a friendly parent, but I don't trust people at all. I love my children and I do kind of trust them, but honestly it's my love and sense of responsibility towards them that makes me take care of them. I know that they will eventually betray my trust also.