Never Knew I Could Be Fragile.

I have gone through my life dealing with things that could have a big impact on someones life and stop them in their tracks,but due to the fact i have had so many things happen i have just had to carry on and move forward,up intill a few months ago i noticed that things that i have had happen to me in my past have come back to hunt me and play on my mind and for some reason i have become more and more insecure and fragile to the point every little thing has effecting me.While growing up i have had to be hard and learn to cope with things after the person i was with for 7 years broke me inside and out and ever since that point i grew cold inside and put up the defenses to avoid me getting hurt,i have over come alot of social problems that have made me lack faith and trust in people that i now only trust a handful of people but while having these issues i have let things get the better of me and i have for some reason let go as i ahve things hard to cope with,that i used to take for granted,but it has opened my eyes and notice things that i never really took much notice of,and it has had a big impact on my emotionally state and mental that i feel like i have become a different person and i barley know who i am looking at in the mirror,as the person who could deal with any thing that life threw at her has taken a back seat,and i am waiting for her to come back,and put this new me in her place.

nuttyrocker nuttyrocker
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1 Response Mar 15, 2010

I know just what you mean. ive been tough and ive been weak things can really knock you down and make you feel so low that you can become super sensitive . I go through this when i trust people and then they hurt me or breakmyheart. i withdrawl and feel broken inside the mirror is my enemy and i hate who i am . but then if i hang on long enough i think you can too you find that some days arent as bad as others and some days you can face certain things again lil by lil allow yourelf to heal those wounds its ok to fall down just down let yourself stay there too long on the ground you might need to cry it out on teh floor till your inner you says thats enough! >...Im with you now on the floor, Im trying to recover from a broken heart that eventually broke myspirit. i am staying home hiding basically and its making me miseable. You can chat wnytime with me. Im not a fake person im here for the same reasons your reaching out for help weather you realize it or not so that inner you is still very much there! STAY TOUGH STAY STRONG IM TRYING TOO~!~!~ i hope the best for you its just a passing hard time in life but it will pass for you and i ! it will i know it