I'm A Freak

I can't relate to anyone in my highschool except for my boyfriend, and even though he understands me, I still feel like I'm just freaky and weird and a failure. I don't have any friends besides him, I feel like an outcast and like I'm worthless. The only reason I don't kill myself is because I'm too much of a coward. I cry all the time and I hate it. I'm completely different from every girl in my school, and even though I actually like that about myself, I also don't because no other girls want to be my friend. I'm a loner and a loser and a waste of space.
milfordlax10 milfordlax10
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2 Responses May 4, 2012

this should be in the I have no self esteem section.

you have soooo much more life to live--high school is not real life. GIve yourself time to grow up and find people who interest and accept you. High School will pass..and soon enough you will have the freedom to go where you want to, live where you want to, study where you want to--this is just a teeny part of your life yet to lived. Their are lots of happy freaks--people who embrace their uniqueness and who find other people who embrace them too. Girls in high school can me smal minded and mean. Thank goodness you have a boyfriend to talk to. All I can say is hang in there-this too shall pass--and this crap is NOT worth even thinking about killling yourself over. Hang in there---freedom is coming....