I Am One!

A Free Spirit: I know of no other way to be in this world. It isn’t so much of a problem for me today as a fifty three year old woman, but, as a child and a teenager, I suffered many a long stern look from teachers, my Mom, and to be honest, at times, even the coolest of my friends. My Dad would just smile at me with bright eyes, as if he knew exactly how I came to be the way that I was.
I suppose the filter between my brain and my mouth is somewhat diminished because I say pretty much what I am thinking and feeling. Even worse, I can honestly say to you that I do whatever I want to do most of the time, (now that my children are grown at least)
My reasoning is that life is too short to walk around wanting and wondering. So, I don’t, not when I can help it! I ask lots of deep questions and I enjoy the way most folks are seemingly dying to answer my questions. I am harmless, it isn’t like I go on spending binges or fall victim to unusual addictions, or wreck homes or anything, it’s all about the way that I choose to live my life. (freely) how I dress, (everything from ultra-feminine to second hand store bag lady) what I do with my time (write, read, walk in the woods, and chat with four leggers) and how I will speak candidly with anyone that wants to engage me.
I isolate myself on this hill most of the time, but, when I go out, I figure I am fair game, and they are fair game, so I try to talk to strangers whenever I can. This disturbs my adult daughter; she says “Mom, you cannot do that!” To which I respond, “I can do anything I like, I am the Mamma!”
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you are very nice.

My mom loves to talk to strangers, except she calls them "Friends I've Not Yet Met." I like that you talk to strangers! *waves*

Hello my fellow free spirit. I follow my spirit rather than abidding by local customs and traditions which bind the soul.

Good man! Thanks for dropping by~

Even if you are a pure angel, someone somewhere is going to be displeased, someone is going to be critical, someone is going to be envious, someone is going to be angry, someone is going to be wounded....you may as well smile and happily do what makes you feel contented, fulfilled, and at peace! People will get used to it, or move along... :-)

Thanks John861, for reading and for commenting, blessings and care always.

I am so pleased that you enjoyed this, thank you and bless you!

I absolutely love the way you live your life its like you've made but one rule for yourself and made the best of life! brilliant.

I am happy that you have a Mamma that embraces her Mamma Mojo! ;-)<br />
Thanks for your read and comment, you have a lovely and fun day~Blessings and Care, Muahhhh*