Amelie & Me


Amelie is my best friend. We have been friends since Ecole Maternelle! We have been together through all our schools, -Ecole Maternelle Francoise Dolto, and Ecole Primaire Francoise Dolto (both on blvd Pas de la Bareta) and then at College Paul Langevin (rue Salita) - and we remain the closest of friends.

As early teenagers we were among the first to show an interest in 'the physical aspects of life', which got some interest from the boys, but obviously we weren't experienced (for me until Antoine in the gallery) with these boys, just teasing them.

Amelie was my confidante after the incident with Antoine. She was a milliard of questions to me, but in the end she was a great help. We talked about Antoine throughout the two year relationship I had with him. It was good having someone to bounce things off.

Soon Antoine and Amelie became lovers also, and so we shared alot more! It was Antoine who suggested we play together, and Amelie and I found we enjoyed this part of our friendship.
CEBarthez CEBarthez
18-21, F
May 7, 2012