I Was Freed

The past few months I have worked my butt off. Trying hard, learning to balance two jobs and have somewhat a life.
By nature I am a hyper soul/spirit. So it's no problem having the stamina. But... too much of a good thing .... I am wore-down.

Soooo it was time for a change. I needed to balance out one more important factor to make a happier life. I needed time to free my spirit, there is no finer place for me to do that then the River.

Today is a day off for me. I didn't want to clean nor do one thing related to any kind of work.
I paced the floors, looking out the windows, feeling restless, bored, tired.... huh... Time to get out of these walls.

I threw on three layers of clothes, it's cold outside. But the outdoors had blue skies and the sun is shining. :-) Out the door I went.

As I traveled the 4 mile back to the river bottoms I felt myself unwinding! I was travling on dirt roads cut thru Mother Nature. Beauty is all around me.
I parked in my usual spot, climbed down the bank and exhaled ... I was freed.

The sun was directly in my face, blinded by the light, I smiled. I took a picture of that moment too.
Anyways, the river bank was lined with piles of driftwood and old bleached out, once upon a time monster trees, they were everywhere.
I hiked through the piles looking for that one piece to add to my flowerbeds. Yup, found more than one too. lol.. The trick is to climb back up the bank with all the pieces and load them into my truck.
After my seek and find pieces I gathered, I wanted to look at all the pretty rocks that ran up and down the river bank.*smile* I left with pockets full of rocks too. Hours flew by in no time. I watched the sun set and felt all... warm and fuzzy. *smile*

Yeah buddy! I must balanced out time to set my spirit free at least once a week.

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What a wonderful experience finding all those beautiful natural work of art to put in your garden.A friend of mine does the same, her garden looks breathtakingly beautiful.And losing yourself I such activities clears,rests and heals the mind and put many things in perspective.

Hello! I hope all is well in your world. Time ain\'t on my side these days. lol... but all is well!
anyways... I had another fine and insightening day, ending up...down by the river... this time only pockets of rocks. *smile*

And they can all go in the garden too,we also get beautiful shells when we go to the beach,they make beautiful decorations inside and outside the house.

beautiful :)

I am glad to reread this. Perfect. It\'s a bright sun shiny day! I am packing up a few things, get my dog...away we go to the river. *smile* cool!
BigAsset, thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy your day.

i can SO relate to nature....so i enjoyed reading this post a lot! btw have an adorable lab as a pet....wish i could let him loose in a place like this. he would have loved to run around..!

btw not able to add you :(

i did go to the river today with my dod. we had a great time. can\'t add... huh? got no idea unless you are a ...lol.. red dot. with a name like that... *smile*

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Sounds amazing. Sounds like a soul healer, I think people should see and experiance nature more it is so...reviving, in a way... More people should get away from work and visit "dirt roads cut thru Mother Nature" as you eloquently put it =)... I see my self as blessed I have my "nature haven" just a walk from the suburbs I live in... I pass concreate and brick buildings closer to nature in every step and then I walk this long straigth dirk road I walk about 10 minutes and the you suddenly hear the trinkilling of a creek the sounds muffled, on one side of the road you see the woods and the other you see green fields. You jump right into a ditch and seconds later you are in Toliken saga with a pouring creek big oak and pine, it is fresh water so you can drink right out of the creek..Is nature heaven on earth a small piece of tranquility and paradise =)

I love seeing plants growing through the cracks in buildings and sidewalks etc. Its proof that nature is enduring and ever so slowly and subtly it will take back the land and earth

I am happy to hear you have found a slice of Heaven, nature haven. I love the sounds of all waterways. From a bubbling creek to splashing waves. Blessings to you HTH83. *smile*

That is awesome:)

it was! Sitting here looking out my window now wishing I could go. But I go to work this evening sooo... wth. I wish you a fine day!

that sounds awesome, just being out in the garden and having my hands in the dirt helps connect me somedays.
Will you post your pic that you took, also the old monster trees - are they standing still? you can bet they are still full of life, just not there own :)

yes, I love my gardens too. Winter takes that away from me. But, Yesterday was just a perfect day. I would love to share my pictures. I am pretty dumb on the functions a computer. But I sure can punch these keys and jabber. ;-) I will learn how to get my pictures off my camera and ... you may wish I didn't. lol.. Have a good day. Take care

I love looking at pics of old monster trees. They are rare and so special, I truely am in awe when I see one. And don't worry about your photos, everynow and then I still put my finger in front of the lens lol so you see yours cant be that bad! And once you've uploaded pics you will wonder why you didnt try it sooner!

Have you ever seen a Witch-Hazel? If you want a good picture search for "Trollhassel" (It is Swedish for Witch-Hazel, but if you translate it cleanly from Swedish to English we say Troll Hazel) I love a huge Oak tree... Nature in all can be a live canvas for your camera =)

oh...my...gawd...... I dislike that saying but it fits in expressing the awe I felt at the witch Hazel tree you just uploaded. Holy cow what a tree.

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