But What If....

I am a free spirit.
I consider myself a free spirit.
What does it mean?
Well I freely like to travel mentally, physically and spiritually.
In my journey I meet a lot of souls. We talk, we smile, we look at each other, we share, we care, we say goodbye.
Then the journey continues.
We lose friends; we have no contacts; we are alone; we have regrets.
But the journey continues and I am still a free spirit accepting life as it comes.

But what if suddenly I met someone who diverted my journey, changed my directions, crushed my beliefs and loved me unconditionally?

Then could I be still a free spirit??? I am still wondering….
dayandnight33 dayandnight33
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Thank you for your thoughtful comment!!!

Let's find out because your unconditional lover is now here! Come to me dear, have no fear!

Are you a "free Spirit"??? LOL

For you I am free. I am only for you. Now that I have found you no more need to roam. For I have found my real home. Inside of your heart!

When you find a man who celebrates your spirit, then you'll have a relationship that truly allows you to be free...I too am a free spirit and am looking for that elusive element. I'm in a relationship, but it isn't the relationship that I had hoped it would be. I've formulated my exit strategy but executing it is a challenge because of certain logistic in my life.

Nice to meet another free spirit and share the freedom of this celebration!

Evidently we're kindred spirits.

The more i am reading your story, the more i am loving you..

Maybe you are a free spirit too....

Being with someone is always a choice, so even choosing to stay with someone allows you to stay a free spirit...just a free spirit who is sharing their path for a time...maybe even a long time...with another free spirit

That is really true free spirits can get well only with other free spirits!!!

I love the idea of travelling freely, mentally, physically and spitually. But does that require that we avoid attachment to others on the way. Surely you do not need to be alone to be a free spirit?

Yes avoiding attachments... Do we need them? or do they make us suffer only?

or do they provide support through love of all intensities

Well dear attachment for me is something negative... it looks like being a "parasite".. so I prefer avoid attachments...

perhaps you can see the potential for attachment to be positive and supportive, before you assume negative

Can you help me? ;)

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Yes, you can remain free in so many ways; in fact, you can be even freer!!

Exactly you are right!! it is possible to be even "freer".... yes!

Be free with me!

there is nothing like being free spirits... together!

True wonderfully true!!! Let's run freely to the moon... ;)

the beauty of the moon is that we can lounge there in complete privacy for as long as we wish!

Ohhhh yesssssss so beautiful!!!

Remaining true to yourself is a great way to live your life. If you are thinking about sharing your life with another, respect is a fundamental element to reflect on and the rest will manifest itself to you.

Great good insight!!! Thank you so much!