Ever since I was in my early teens, I never cared about having a boyfriend. A few years ago, I tried the sex thing and didn't like it very much. I haven't had sex in five years. I do have sexual tendencies. I watch **** mostly consists of interrial group sex with only white men and black women. I don't like how society makes sex seem like women are ****** when they want to explore sex with multiple people. I don't like how women need to be good girls and just be dedicated to one guy. I can't see myself doing relationships, I am too much of a free spirit. I tend to go into bipolar mode when I was in a online relationship. Relationships and marriages aren't for me. I don't want to be confide to being a wife and obeying rules of society. I rather just make my money for just myself. I also don't want to bring a kid into the world. I plan on dying with my freedom in tact.
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My kind of gal!! I hope you add me.

woo hoo . soul sister !

It seems you one of true spirit ,and freedom ,know how you feel of things, it's good to keep to that , but remember to always know who you are really and what you want , not just saying outside to others or yourself but actually knowing it.


Good for you for knowing what you want in life! I have a friend that is just like you and I give you a lot of credit.

well I never had sex and Im 29. one day maybe.