I hate being forced to do things. I like to do what I want, whenever I want, and I would be able to, if it weren't for the man-made restrictions of this world.
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I totally agree. baby glp.

In the end, there is no such thing as freedom, for if the government granted us full freedom, we would be reduced to anarchy, the least functional form of freedom. Over and over again, new governments would rise, give us freedom, and fall until one day, a tyrannical government would rise above and take us all as slaves.


It's not the end.

If the values of society were changed, and the monetary and government systems were eradicated, there would be freedom.

I hear you, doll..and, I happen to agree! I hate the current system, it's designed to benefit the economic elite, while we "peasants" are left to struggle.
Don't let anyone try and rain on your parade, I get those cynical responses all the time, used to it! Visionaries and their ideals are usually lost on the masses. Namaste :)

Thanks. I appreciate your words. Namaste to you too. :)

Thanks for your post, I agree completely. I actually believe in a world with no borders, sadly its not going to happen in my lifetime 😔

You're welcome and even if it might not happen within our lifetimes, let's continue to voice our opinions, fore they can live forever and inspire others. :)

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said every teenager ever

Probably because that's the point in time when you really start feeling the oppressive thumb worldly restrictions.

Most of those restrictions are meant to protect you. But I agree with you.

People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security, deserve neither, and will lose both. - Benjamin Franklin

Welcome to the human race.. it sucks.. and i'm sorry but there's no refund options for your ticket.

There's still some good in the human race.

And I don't mind not having a refund, I wasn't expecting one anyway. haha

Shes too young... She will learn. I remember when I had spirit like that :') (okkay im only a few years older than her but still).

Learn what? Haha