Where ever you go in life , there may be some people who may be mean to you - always know it's never your fault for them being that way , it is theirs , and you should never take it out on your self , life was intended for us to care about one another , not destroy one another , god wanted it so!
Stephenrko Stephenrko
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truth wise bro

I've experienced this as well. Some people, due to their own insecurities and unhappiness don't like to see others happy. It's sad but true! :(

Oh yea , ur correct , I have faced it in FB a lot , hence I'm trying here :)

Well I find most people on EP very supportive. Of course there are trolls and negative people here too but I just ignore them on focus on all the other positive people. Good luck!

Thanks a lot , a bit here and there and I'll be fine - it just boils down to somebody being a person towards u

I agree sweetie.. Hugs!