i like the idea of living a "worry free" & just have fun while i am young. that includes in my relationships also but my religion keeps me from doing certain things. now i a debating in my mind to stand with my beliefs or do what i like
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wear what I like to

Your not alone. I'm naturally a good person, but my religion keeps me from doing some things that are bad to not do. Like if someone comes up to me with a new haircut I don't like, I hate having to say that I like it because I know the I'm not following my religion when I lie even if its used for good

Are you a Sikh by any chance? The thing is that when we are young the world is a big playground and if you want to play go ahead but remember never do anything that compromises your own virtues.

I'm Christian and thanks for the advice but I feel guilty when I don't follow my religion lol. Even when I know it's ok to do something even a little bad just thinking of the guilt keeps me in an un-breakable bubble. I'm not the happiest with my religion as you can probably see

i was muslim for a long time and still regard myself to be so to a degree however the issue i faced when i decided to leave my faith was the guilt that followed. the guilt didn't stop me from doing all the things i wanted to do but was constantly present. weigh up the approval of your lord against your actions but then again remember god forgives all.