I have become reclusive and I love it. I only see people besides my husband about once or twice a week for short periods. I don't work and I shop online for most staples. I am so affected by other people I have decided to limit contact as much as possible. I have done this over a year and I have never felt more free.
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That's great that it works for you. It's even better that you are enjoying it.

I have wanted to do that for a while now. I have finally decided on an early retirement (actually I have put in 33 years in a government agency). I am doing it because of the overwhelming anxiety that I when from dealing with people at work; it's the same problems, the same errors, the same stories. Repeating instructions has become a chore handling the same issues and problems day after day. Honestly, I feel so worn out. Even though the work itself is not that difficult but, when you need to keep with the stupid meetings giving the same updates, same numbers, keeping mental tallies of the same reasons and excuses all the while setting self- imposed deadlines which no one pays a mind to because the "specially treated people" of the group who management protects and they don't do their part, it has become a grind to my spirit. I sincerely feel that management is doing it on purpose because there is a limit to stupidity, right? Most people who fail to do their jobs get fired but, these people don't.

I am actually trying to avoid a full blown emotional breakdown that could lead to issues with my physical health so, I have decided to leave while I am still well, before things get worse. If anything I would like to get a few years in doing things that I like to do.

i like free sprit

Everyone is trapped in jobs they hate and with people they can't stand. I think it's crazy

yes it is crazy thing