Frozen Bubbles!

The other day while my husband was passed out, I took our son to the park.. It was really kind of chilly here but I thought he would like to get out of the house. Bubbles.. That is what popped into my head! I don't know if any of you remember those big bubble wands from a long time ago, but I still had one in my closet and we went and played with that in the field across the street. There is nothing as cool as frozen bubbles!

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2 Responses Mar 3, 2010


I love frozen bubbles! I'm a dad...I have kids of my own to enjoy this kind of stuff....and this truly is one of life's simpler pleasures for the kids! We love them too! :)<br />
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I remember the first time I experienced them...I was actually in college and one of the girls in the dorm across the street was out doing them when we had a really cold day. I remember actually saying "Holy Cow....That's amazing!" to her and she giggled and explained her parents used to do them out on the back porch with her when she was little. I had previously worked with under-privileged children, and was always looking for inexpensive but fun things to do with them that would engage them and keep their attention for a while as their parents were trying to get a few moments to take care of something important, so things like this always caught my eye. I actually went back to my room and wrote it down to be sure I didn't forget it! I wish I had discovered this much earlier....this is the kind of thing many of those kids would have loved!!