My Thoughts On My Thoughts...

What is "thinking", exactly? Basically, it is a neuro-chemical process, okay?
Okay... Doesn't help much, now does it.
In fact, "thinking" -besides a more technical explanation- is basicall a constant comparing of intake.
Things you see, smell, taste, feel and hear, the information gathered from those five senses is being processed all the time in the background and influences your emotions.
But a lot of that intake is also processed in a more concious way. Some of those things make us think. Because some of that intake influences ideas that have formed over the years.
Thinking makes us act upon something -taking into consideration that NOT taking action is also a form of acting, as it is a reaction- makes us shift our onvictions and certainties, makes us alter views we have of people, of happenings.
Our thoughts are free, too, to an extent. Meaning that our thinking can form opinions. But those opinions are mostly based on intake we get from other people -be it individuals, political groups or advertisers. So, in that sense, our thoughts aren't exactly free, since we a lot of the time partially take over other opinions, mix them with thoughts and ideas of our own, and then come up with our own opinions.
Also, what is "freedom of thought"? Because, we may be free to think whatever we want, we still think inside a certain pattern. A roster, if you like.
That is why we are limited in our thinking.
It's like giving a calculator a concious "me" and then programming that calculator to think that it is free. That calculator will be persuaded that it is indeed free, because it can make all the calculations it wants. But what that calculator doesn't know, is that it is thinking inside a pre-arranged array. A patern. A roster. That of mathematical calculations. So, in the end, this calculator isn't free at all. On the contrary, in comparison to the human mind, it is very restricted.
It could be the same with us, people. We all think that we are free to think whatever we want, but we don't really know for sure. That we are even able to raise the question is amazing, really. Thus, we are limited in our thinking AND fully aware of it. At least, I am.
I know that I'm a thinking freely within the limits of my programming.
Because that's what we are in the end. Genetically programmed robots, who think they're free to think.
And to be able to have that thought, that's what makes me a freethinker. I guess.
At least, I know that my thinking isn't obstructed too much by the more narrow and influencial patterns of religion.
And I'm so glad for that. Now at least I know that my horizon isn't narrowed down to just a dot, a pixel on a straight line, by having been forced into wearing blinkers, while my reigns are being pulled to make me trot to the tune of those manipulating so many other individual's thoughts.
At least in this way, I am a freethinker.
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That was incredulously mind opening. I completely loved your analogy to a calculator. It made me envision the people entering numbers into this kachine (our mind vs external stimuli) and regurgitating the conclusion. Very intricately detailed pattern of thought you had there. Thumbs up.

Belgian chocolate.......mmmmmmmmmmmmm Come here Jimmy! I wanna bite! :)

Hehehe... just don't nibble away on my Belgian chocolate-filled brain, please... ;D

Wow, this thread "evolved" fascinating. Jimmy, your mind is like a candy store, always filled with good stuff!

I think your trying to prove me "wrong" just adds to my theories and in fact show that you are stuck inside the telltale patterns of pre-programmed thought.<br />
You can't process the idea of being pre-programmed and thus limited, so, you try to prove that it is not the case.<br />
The fact that we don't evolve as a species to me is proof enough we are stuck inside a Matrix like container. That container is sometimes fed new givens which we use to "invent" something after a while.<br />
Our technical abilities can thus be steered. But we as entities don't evolve. We haven't since the times when -we think- man appeared. We still have the same emotions, the same character traits, the same brain capacity, still have five fingers two eyes and whatever you can think of... No evolution whatsoever for over 250,000 years.<br />
That to me, says a lot about us and the way we were 'devised'...

To compare the human mind to a calculator is kind of self defeating, we have self awareness, access to new knowledge and almost an almost unlimited ability to process both information and stimuli. The fact that we were all "conditioned" is just another way of saying educated, it is not so much how we process our input from the world, it's how we apply the processed information into action. <br />
If you unquestioningly follow the well trodden path then maybe a sheep would be a better comparison, if you take the route that you feel is right regardless of others opinion, you are up there with the free thinkers. Freedom of thought becomes just becomes just intellectual posturing without the action to substantuate.

i like your response also, chiffon. It shows that people have different perspectives and ARE free to think whatever they want.

i think it would be a sad day if "the ghost in the machine" was understood and all brain activity was all mapped out perfectly in some equasion. i prefer not to know! great article, mr!

Yes, when you think about it, you'll see that we are very limited in thoughts, or the outcome of thoughts, we just have an enormous varity in side thoughts, but we often have to fall back on a limited amount of conclusions. Yes, No, War, Peace... you know...

I like this whole concept. I do believe that genetics and surroundings influence and to some extent, "set" the parameters for thoughts. Interesting...

thank you, carpiehoney!! i'm hooked on pink sunshine today. wrote a poem last night and it ended with pink sunshine so that is my thought for the day ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

well, ummmm....hhmmmm....thinkin....thinkin. <br />
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sorry, it's still early in the day to be straining my lil ole brain with so much thinkin. i'm off to find my crayons~~

Well, not entirely happy about the outcome. I should have given it more thought... hehehe...

wow. *sashays off to do some thinkin*