Exploring My Free Mind.

Ever been raised to believe a certain way? Or ever been told you can't dress this way, think like that, blah blah? Guess that makes a billion of us. Lets just say I learned to think for myself when I admited that I'm not like everyone else, nor should I strive to be. My mother use to tel me to be myself, when I finally did it wasn't what she approved of. Society dictates what we should feel, when we should feel it. Right now you reading this, probably means your a free thinker who likes to read about other free thinkers. Hi5 and awesome! lol 

Its taken a LONG time for me to accept myself, be who I wanna be and not take society's BS. Yes there are some rules to follow, but expectations..no no. You don't go by societies expectations, you go by YOURS and take society by the balls. 

WE are free thinkers, we decide what we do with our lives, WE think for ourselves, WE don't get brainwashed. *inspirational music chimes in* 
Evlana Evlana
22-25, F
2 Responses Jun 15, 2011

And you should be doubly proud to have come to this conclusion at such an early season in life. I had to wait until my 30's to get the courage to do this. Don't ever stop thinking freely and life will become more and more enjoyable.

It took me many years to come to my personal realizations about life and all its associated with.