National Free Thinkers Day?

Really? Well, I don't think we need one. but since we do, Happy FTD, everybody! I equate free thinking with
open-mindedness, though I can hear my philosophy professors from college already, pointing out the differences.
But free tinkers and people who try to see others' points of view both tend to see the world not as black/white, right/wrong.
Our politicians are constantly being barraged with yes/no questions which most people, if they thought about, would
say "well, there are cases where I would do "A", but I can see when the right thing to do would be "B". But that doesn't
make for a very good sound bite, so they just say "I'll never sign anything that raises taxes." or "Yes, abortion should be
legal at any time. for any reason." I prefer people who mull things over and see the world in shades.
pf1oyd pf1oyd
56-60, M
Jan 29, 2012