Why I Am A Free-thinker

Listen up, before you message me or begin patronizing me for this, at least hear me out before you go Billy Graham on my butt.


I realized that I was put on this Earth by God to question what's unquestionable, to ask where can I dearly find the truth in this sea of hypocrisy and to break away from the chains of conformity to find the so-called absolute. It sounds like Blasphemy to many but you know what, God let's me do that so long as I feel comfortable under his hands, questioning what is the right way to worship him for I quote in Proverbs "Go the distance, for the Lord shall be Thy confidence."


Another thing, questioning if one practicing ideal will be able to progress with the Human Mind, which I feel that God gave us to become stronger and more flexible in believing in his name, is a great reason why the many Religion's in the world are still going strong; look at Martin Luther who posted his 95 Theses, which started the Protestant Reformation, questioning if indulgences and the hierarchy of Catholicism is right under God's name; thus, Religion's grow stronger and bolder with Human thought and coexistence by asking how you can be a better person under your God and wondering how you can achieve that.


So to sum up, It will always be in my instinct to question what's correct from incorrect and if I don't question it and say "Oh it's nothing at all," I will be doubting myself and become dependably neurotic for something that becomes a thief to my mind, my heart and my soul.


To enumerate, if one isn't able to see through the beauty of the dark, they will not be able to traverse through the glories of the light.
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1 Response Mar 31, 2012

I'm glad to know I'm not the only out there that disagrees with how most churches present religion. I've only begun searching for the right way to follow and obey God this year. But I've discovered there is a formula in which pastors create their sermons, and that kind of bothers me. I feel like church shouldn't have a formula, or psychological style, in which they try to reach out to people. If their message was truly inspired by God, they wouldn't need to use the psychological mind games with the congregation.