Fluoride: Detox Seems To Be The Only Way Out

I have been reading up on fluoride for the past couple of days. The information on this subject makes me question the humans, and how we're evolving more slowly. How it's keeping humanity from "knowing true self". It has been found to lower IQ's, calcify the pineal gland (which I believe to be the "seat of the soul" or "our own little wormhole to other dimensions"). This "pineal gland" also sends signals to all of our senses. You can find many many more things that fluoride effects in the human body online.
It kills me to see that most humans cannot see what is going on. We are poisoned to our death. Yes, some foods do contain a little fluoride on it's own...they have to put it in the water as well? Fluoride toothpaste is great, if applied directly to the teeth and no where else in your mouth.
So I just ask for you guys to think about fluoride today. The only reason detox is the way out...is because it is found in everything. (Water (even some bottled waters), infant formula (which some parents use water from their faucets, also a large intake of fluoride will decrese mom's production of milk), it is found in most juices, most sodas, canned food items (preservatives), cigarettes, and of course toothpastes and mouth wash.
You can buy a reverse osmosis filter. You can start eating organic foods...change your toothpaste. How many people actually have the money for 400 dollar water filters and organic food? You still have to bathe in water with fluoride...unless you pay even more for a larger system that filters all of the homes water sources. Chances are to have a lower intake of fluoride is to detox the poison.
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2 Responses May 10, 2012

Also all anti-depressants are primarily fluoride along with alot of other common meds that people take

I just recently found that preservatives cause eczema flare ups. Fluoride has found its way into destroying our body's immune systems and finding ways of destroying us without us even thinking twice about the subject.

Ah, forgot to mention one last important thing. Most medicines contain high amounts of fluoride.