Doing Something New

Well, I'm not one to ever write about what's happening or how I feel to have out in the open for everyone to read, but that's exactly why I have an account on here. I've been having the urge lately to just say what's on my mind to anyone since I haven't talked or really engaged in conversation to anyone in pretty long time, I want to be able to tell people my complaints, what i really am thinking, and most importantly, have a response by a person. So, anyone who reads this, lend me your ear.
From kindergarten through 6th grade I had attended a private Catholic school, but now that I am older I have been open minded and feel that I am being bound by religious beliefs and I practice free thought, as in the philosophical view point of going upon logic, reason, science, so on and so forth. So when my godmother comes out no where to remind me of the next sacrament I am to go through to further strengthen "my religion" by becoming an adult member of the catholic church and all in which that entails-I am filled with dred and "I do not believe in that" and just absolutly anxiety-filled over knowing I will not be able to have the will to tell her that I do not wish to participate in anything as such, and knowing that I will be the biggest hypocrite during the year long journey into being confirmed. So every Wednesday I will have to sit through something I just do not care for and believe in, and to anyone reading this it may seem like the most trivial of perdicaments, but really, this sucks!!
Doometal Doometal
18-21, F
Sep 18, 2012