To Think Freely Is to Live Freely

It is paramount to be a free thinker in order to truely live freely. Many people I have met may live in a free country but they do not realise they are not free as they do not think for themselves. They are enslaved by linking their thoughts to those of others.

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5 Responses Oct 21, 2008

The reason no one wants to think is laziness. It is easier to fit into the 'norm' of collective thought than to explain your own thoughts. Plus people are scared of not being liked.

exactly...exactly true. and i think that not thinking for oneself and becoming a sheep is disrespectful to God and if not God then to oneself. it's disrespectful and ungrateful. human beings have the most sophisticated brain in all of creation as far as we know and yet nobody wants to think. i don't understand it. "A man who really knows something knows he knows nothing at all" Erykah Badu

Yes which makes it more intriquing as to why people then let others do their thinking for them.

I'm not an American but I think the American Constitution is one of the most profound documents ever written. Clearly written by people with incredible foresight and insight. Yet you are right even guidance from such a high authority has not given the people the ability to be the authors of their own destiny.

I agree. especially in poitics. everyone complains about how the establishment fails(at least in america), yet they don't even realise that it's written right into the constition that if the established authority fails, we can change it. that's just one thing, but there are plenty of examples.